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The World of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a total body conditioning workout with cardiovascular emphasis. What started in the year 1987 by a South African Professional Cyclist, Jonathan Goldberg (Johnny G Spinning brand), has grown into an international workout phenomenon.

Indoor Cycling classes are low impact, intense and highly motivating cardiovascular workouts done in a group setting. They are completely customizable to a riders own fitness level and perfect for those with a wide range of health issues. The bikes used for indoor cycling classes are stationary as the instructor leads their riders through a 45-60 minute sweat session. Indoor cycling consists of a variety of styles and focuses. Some classes emphasize improving your outdoor performance on a road bike while others emphasize rhythm, music, and increasing general cardiovascular strength workouts.

BFit Cycle: On The Map

BFit Cycle is a game-changing, music driven indoor cycling workout that combines various styles. Driven by the beat of the music plus data, the BFit Cycle experience is unmatched. Housed in the BFit Challenge Studio in Eagan, Minnesota, owner Teri Dale had a female-only studio that catered to group workouts that change lives. Teri recently partnered with Andrea Austin and Chris Cronick, two well-known Twin Cities instructors turned consultants, to assist her in creating and building BFit Cycle. The BFit Cycle program has opened its doors to men and women of all ages and is an amazing addition to Teri’s BFitChallenge Studio.


There is a Purpose to the Party
We believe in communicating from the inside out. At our heart, we define WHY we do what we do first before WHAT we do.

BeatBoss saw a gap. They filled it.

Every journey in life you take; every path you venture down, you first seek purpose for the journey. BeatBoss’ purpose or “Why” was born not only from the heart, but also a very logical place as well. Before BeatBoss was created, there was a large gap between “Road Style” and “Party on The Bike” with much disagreement between both styles in the fitness industry. BeatBoss has created an amazing foundation that actually blends the two styles while keeping fitness fun and challenging. We are a game-changing style of indoor cycling so vastly different, we’ve coined the term “indoor biking” and developed a first of its kind Indoor Biking Certification.

It is our passion to create a game changing fitness family where all ages, shapes, and sizes feel challenged and supported. With sound exercise science and a strong, rhythmic heart “beat” as our foundation, we work hard to improve each person touched by us in their Mind, Body, and Spirit. We believe by creating a fun, challenging, and supportive cross-training environment, a community of like-minded people will thrive! The fitness industry has a fresh addition.

WHAT is BeatBoss

BeatBoss offers an all-encompassing certification for instructors, top-notch indoor cycling studio consulting as well as expertise in productions and events from concept to execution.

The BeatBoss Indoor Biking Certification uses a three-pronged approach by showing instructors how to:

1. “Ride the Beat” using music as the foundation (evokes emotions)

2. Utilize a systematic, data-driven approach (grounded in science)

3. Incorporate a trifecta of outdoor biking styles (game-changing approach)

We master that beat. We ride with intention. We are BeatBoss.
We Bring Purpose to the Party.

BFit Cycle Offerings

BFit Cycle features the cutting edge style of cycle class, similar to, but not the same as Soul Cycle. We ride to the Beat, have a clear cut methodology of cross training with cycle classes. Classes vary in format and intensity but you are sure to get a great workout in while having a blast. Register now for an amazing, fun and sweaty ride. Trust us when we say, you will Ride Like A Boss, and will want to come back for more.






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